Many have written to say that this self published book is the best of the Alzheimer's care books

This multi-prize winning Alzheimer’s care book has everything that a caregiver needs to provide care with dignity and respect at home. It is the result of the author's seventeen-year journey caring for his wife who was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer's.  It tells what to expect during every phase of the disease from diagnosis until death and how to handle every challenge. Solutions learned help improve the quality of life of the ill person and help the caregiver to overcome emotions, gain confidence and renew hope and spirituality. To know what needs to be done early, it covers the details of financial and legal issues. It talks about the medical realities of handling dental, medical and prescription drug issues. It tells how to get your money’s worth when others provide care, introduces other resources and tells what products are worth acquiring. To help with day-to-day living, it includes the most effective ways of bathing, dressing, eating, maintaining continence and moving from place to place. Other tips tell how to handle behavioral changes, maintain personal care, and improve safety. It outlines successful routines that make a family member comfortable. It has tips to improve communications, ease travel, and prevent and recover from wandering. Finally the author gives good examples of the most prevalent bad advice he received.