"This is a compelling story for all caregivers to read. The author, Frank Fuerst, recounts his journey as a caregiver for his wife June for a total of 17 years, from diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's. It is truly a story of love and perseverance. Frank breaks his caregiving into 4 phases, not in terms of medical stages, but from his perspective as caregiver. His 4 cornerstones of survival are key for any caregiver! Throughout the book, he shares what to expect, lessons learned, helpful products, and how he changed as a result of his years caring for June. Frank focuses on the practical, the emotional and the spiritual. His introspective style will help any struggling caregiver deal with their challenges in a positive, take-action way. It's definitely a book I'll be recommending to others. In fact, I am using the book in my upcoming presentation ('Caring for the Caregiver') to a group of Stephen ministers." D.C. (Indiana)

"I have worked in the field of longterm care for more than 30 years and this is the best book in terms of being helpful and compassionate at the same time. Realistic, loving solutions and suggestions abound within its covers. I was delighted to receive a signed copy at the booksigning recently. I recommend this for any caregiver or anyone who cares about a caregiver trying his/her best to provide the best environment for a loved one with dementia, especially Alzheimer's." Badger/Zebra (Virginia)

"Our local library received a grant and bought ten books on Alzheimer's. I sat at the library and thumbed through all of them. Only two books appeared to be useful. Your book was so-o good, I had to have it permanently. I worked in a nursing home for 25 years, so this disease is not new to me. Thanks for writing the book. It's fabulous! I needed your help." V.B. (Wisconsin)

"There is a glut of books on the market about Alzheimer's. I've seen nothing like this book, which offers so many suggestions how to do your day-to-day tasks, how to do them at what point in Alzheimer's, as your patient is always changing and needing help in ever-changing ways. This is the must-have book if you will be the caretaker throughout the life of an Alzheimer's patient. It offers love to you and to your patient; how to get the proper rest that you, too, need. It really is the one book you need." B.G. (Pennsylvania)

"My cousin lost her husband to leukemia. She felt your book went beyond Alzheimer's and had good advice for anyone whose loved one has a terminal illness." J.G. (Virginia)

"My mother has terminal cancer and my father is taking care of her at home. This book has been a great guide and reference for her care. My mother does not have Alzheimer's, but my father and our family are encountering all the care issues that a family must address when caring for a terminally ill family member at home. T.L. (Montana)

"This book has seemingly all the information that you need to be a successful caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer's. It is written in a very direct style. It addresses very specific solutions to the problems that occur as the various stages of the disease progress. I took care of my mother before I read this book and I could have used the advice here. I would not have had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. The book acknowledges, but does not dwell on the emotional difficulties a caregiver faces, but since it offers concrete solutions to all kinds of problems, using it as a reference can make the care giving experience that much easier. Keep this one on the shelf, you'll refer to it often."

T.T. (North Carolina)

"Magnificent work! It is bound to be helpful to anyone who has a family member or close friend with dementia. There is a multitude of practical points. Anyone will be struck by your compassion and dedication to your wife. It is also good that you admit how trying the whole process is."

M.P. (Florida)

​"This is the first book on this subject that isn't clinical. I felt as if you were speaking directly to me. If I ever get this dread disease, I hope I am treated that way [Care with dignity]."

H.O. (Virginia)​

"Just finished your wonderful book. It is very inspiring, but at the same time so full of practical knowledge about home care. I ran a support group for families who were struggling with whether or not to 'home care' versus a nursing home. Wish I had such a wonderful guide like yours. We have a large support group which meets at our church. This is a perfect handbook for them."
A.R. (Georgia)

"I gave your information to a lady who is teaching a caregivers class at the community college. I suggested your book to her as a textbook."
P.L. (Virginia)

"A friend of mine sent me your book as a gift. Such a wonderful gift too! I found your book to be most compelling!! I would like to order 2 copies of the book signed by you so that I can donate them to my local Alzheimer's Chapter office and share with other families. Thank you so much for taking the time to document and share your experiences. I found Chapter 1 to be very poignant. It is survival for both of us. And most definitely, there are times I feel isolated and hopeless. Yet, as your words express, I too have found meditation and prayer help me in getting through the challenges. With the experiences you have shared, it will make my journey less lonely and the challenges ahead feel more like opportunities. Again, Thank You!" P.K. (North Carolina)

"My mother's companion was so thankful for your book that he called me directly upon reading the first chapter to thank me for obtaining it for him. He took care of her right to the end, all by himself, and used your book for some pointers on how to accomplish that." K.K.(Virginia)

"Very interesting and informative. It is a significant work."
D.W. (Washington, DC)

"How touched I was by your book. It conveys love and caring while at the same time being pragmatic about the challenges and frustrations of Alzheimer's to both family and patient. The book paints a human picture." R.W. (New Hampshire)

"Thank you for sending those two books right away. I'm really impressed and just blown away with the amount of information in the books. I've thought of someone else I want to send one to as a gift, so I'll be ordering another."
S.S. (Virginia)

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"Your book was incredible. I couldn't put it down. I have ordered another copy for a couple at my church." J.H. (Missouri)

"Your book will do a lot of good for a lot of people. I was inspired to call by the last chapter. Would you mind if I mentioned your book on various blogs?"
C.J. (Oregon)

"I received your wonderful book from friends. The book has been a blessing in helping me cope with the progression of my Dad's Alzheimer's. Thank you for writing the book." T.W. (California)

"I have shared your book with my friend's father who is caring for his wife. Your book has been an inspiration to me and so many others."
R.J. (Virginia)

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"Your book is excellent. It will be the best resource for those on the journey of Alzheimer's or dementia care. It's a tough road, but you have helped many, many along their way." D.O (Virginia)​
"Your book is a real asset for families and caregivers, especially for those just beginning to wrestle with the maze of problems that must be faced. I am an advocate for your book and beat the drum for it. I have called it to the attention of my support group. I have also recommended your book to individuals whom I know would benefit from it." W.S. (Maryland)

"I have spent some time with your book. You and the book are amazing."
M.E. (Missouri)

"My hat is off to the author for detailing his experience. He provided great information for caregivers. I would definitely recommend this book!"

"Informative, helpful and supportive of anyone in a Care Giver role as well as gives great insight to those who aren't! I happened on this book by mere chance and am thankful that I did. It was well written, informative, and very matter of fact. It has a wealth of important information along with names, addresses and phones numbers for various agencies needed for any spouse serving as a primary care giver. Puts the information right in your hands for easy access. It also gives a tremendous amount of support and help to other family members who find themselves in the role of Sole Caregiver Provider. The author shares the ups, downs, hardships and harsh realities that both the person suffering with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment as well as the care giver have to endure. It's heart breaking to say the least. His most important advice, and I speak from experience as well, is that the Care Giver MUST take time for themselves. They need a necessary respite from time to time from the emotional as well as physical stress incurred. Contrary to the author's situation, our dogs provided the one daily constant to environment, security and comfort level. I believe dogs and other pets provide a necessary comfort and connection for the Alzheimer's/dementia patient, even at the worst of times.
This book came along at the exact time it was needed. I actually passed it along to the staff at my local Alzheimer's Foundation as they hadn't heard of it. If you are a Sole Caregiver Provider you must fight every step of the way for your loved one who is suffering. They tend to get lost in the shuffle. This is one of those diseases that no one seems to be able to grasp well. Patience wears thin and so does time. There are so many variables and so many conditions that mimic similar signs and symptoms. Diagnosis seems to be a simple write-off. Doctors, hospitals etc leave it in the hands of the caregiver. Most people assume someone with Alzheimer’s/Dementia or other cognitive disorders won't recognize them, remember them etc, won't be able to communicate, so why bother. This is the time the person suffering needs people the most - family, friends, and social groups. Those who are affected by the disease, already feel lost, alone and scared. They need and depend on familiar faces, voices, and interaction."


"Terrific book. Found it in my local library along with others on the same topic. This one was head and shoulders above the others in terms of exceedingly useful "hands on" information without a lot of extraneous filler. I'm going to buy a copy to have. In the author's seventeen years of dealing with his wife's illness, he experienced it all and has been able to communicate what he learned in this highly readable account. Not only is the book filled with valuable information, it's got heart and soul."

"I have ordered this book many times to give to Care Givers of Alzheimer patients. It is realistic but offers the Care Giver a sense of strength, patience and endurance as a guide for the care of Alzheimer patients. I would suggest anyone facing this horrible disease to read it. It is well worth the read."